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We have a variety of volunteer opportunities available depending on your interests and availability! 

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Volunteer From Home: Craft Prep

This opportunity is available to volunteers of any age. You can pick up materials from Adventure!, research or design a project, and prep the materials for a Art Lab craft! *Volunteers will create a prototype of their craft for approval before prepping an instruction sheet and materials.

Art Lab Artist

This role keeps our popular Art Lab under control during busy days. Volunteers with this assignment will restock the Art Lab with materials necessary for the current craft, and refill both the rolled up, take-home coloring sheets and the shelf of coloring sheets. Volunteers will also interact with visitors as they use the Art Lab to ensure materials aren’t being wasted, markers and glue sticks are being properly capped, and families receive the needed materials to make the current craft. When the Art Lab is stocked and not in use, volunteers will also help with laundry in the nearby kitchen or prep more materials for current and future crafts. This role assists staff members in keeping the Art Lab properly maintained so that all Adventure!’s visitors can enjoy the full benefits of our arts and crafts section.

Activities Advocate

Volunteers in this role will be the secondary coordinators to the primary activities leaders. When activity leaders are unavailable, volunteers will take over their roles and lead activities. Current weekly activities include Sensory Monday, Story Time Tuesday, and Slightly Messy Art Thursday. Volunteers will lead 30-minute activities that staff have prepared beforehand, or that volunteers have prepared as a back-up. This role also provides volunteers with the opportunity to create their own sensory bins, slightly messy art crafts, and participate in our EC Cares Sensory Night. Volunteers will work primarily with children aged 2-6 in this role, interacting and assisting where needed. Activities Advocates help support the museum’s goal of offering engaging weekly activities on a regular basis, allowing visitors to rely on our schedule.

Makerspace Monitor

Our proposed Makerspace Exhibit will need  volunteers to monitor the space at all times while in use. This space is designed for older kids interested in technology, so volunteers in this role will need basic technological knowledge in order to assist visitors when needed. Volunteers will also need to be comfortable properly sanitizing the technology after each use to ensure the safety and wellbeing of visitors. Volunteers will communicate any exhibit repairs that need to be made when necessary, and will monitor visitors to ensure the Makerspace is being used appropriately. This inspiring new space doesn’t have an open-date yet, so volunteering in this capacity could be a good way to help influence the design of the space.

Lego Room Leader

Volunteers in this role will monitor & organize our Lego Room, and assist visitors in building Lego masterpieces. They will keep Lego blocks contained to the Lego Room, pick up and sanitize any used Lego blocks, display Lego projects as requested by visitors, and keep Lego blocks sorted by color. If applicable, volunteers will also research and then lead Lego demonstrations to kids interested in building specific items. Lego Room Leaders help the museum run smoothly by providing a safe space for kids to explore their creative side using Lego.

Demonstration Dazzler

This role is designed for volunteers who enjoy demonstrating interesting science experiments, art techniques, or other skills.. The 2-hour shift will consist of researching and gathering materials for each experiment, and then executing the experiment for visitors. Simpler projects or experiments may involve a hands-on component for our visitors.  Volunteers in this role should have some knowledge in their proposed field of interest (science, art, origami, etc.) to be able to explain the materials, steps, and reactions  to visitors and answer any questions visitors may have. Volunteers will also be required to handle chemicals and dispose of them safely, depending on the experiment or project. Live Demonstrations are one of the ways the museum directly interacts with our visitors, utilizing our space and materials to teach visitors about a variety of subjects  in an informal manner. Volunteers in this role help to solidify an ongoing schedule of demonstrations for visitors to enjoy.

Junior Camp Counselor

Junior Camp Counselors are important to the successful running of our summer camps. They assist with project prep, help clean spaces used by campers in between uses, back up camp leads,  pass out materials, organize campers, and more. Two-hour morning shifts occur during camp season, June through August. Junior Camp Counselors can be middle-through-high-schoolers, but should have some previous experience babysitting or helping care for siblings.

Maintenance/Exhibit Support Crew

Monday night work party volunteers help keep our museum looking ship-shape! As a member of our Maintenance/Exhibit Support Crew, your tasks will vary from week-to-week, from assisting with touching up exhibit paint to framing art, assisting with the design of exhibit pieces, and assisting in the workshop. Volunteers in this role should have some prior experience with hands-on diy projects. We are happy to help our volunteers develop new skills, but like to have a foundation to build on.

Super Sanitizer

This role is designed for volunteers who don’t mind cleaning products and sanitizers (we currently utilize bleach, rubbing alcohol, hand soap, window cleaner, hand sanitizer, carpet cleaner, and multipurpose cleaner). Volunteers given this assignment will be asked to clean and sanitize varying  areas  of the museum during their two-hour shift. This requires volunteers to stoop down, bend, reach, and remain on their feet at all times. The primary goal of the Super Sanitizer is to keep the museum clean and as germ-free as possible. This role helps our visitors feel safe knowing that the exhibits they’re interacting with are constantly being monitored and cleaned. This is one of the biggest pieces to making Adventure! work!